Jesse Parrotti is an American, multi-disciplinary artist, designer and music maker. As a painter, working primarily in oils; while drawing and illustrating in a range of mediums from pencils and pens to watercolor and all-digital work flows. Working with themes and finding inspiration in many aspects of life and imagination; from exploration, experimentation and escapism to ritual, occultism, the banal and beyond. 

As of 2013, he has been creating experimental and beat oriented electronic music. With no computer in sight, his set up revolves around modern analogue hardware made by Elektron, Moog and Arturia, as well as home built analogue synthesizers and acoustic instrumentation.

Studying graphic design and fine art at Ohio University, Jesse graduated with a BFA in graphic design in 2004. In his paintings and drawings he pulls heavily on his education in the International Style of design; inferring correlations between the principles of design and the various aspects of image making. His work has been exhibited in a number of galleries in the United States and internationally; in addition to being featured in numerous magazines and websites over the years. For two years, starting in 2010, Jesse studied drawing, oil painting and anatomy under the mentorship of Noella Roos, a classically trained, figurative painter and drawer from Holland.

Originally from the Appalachian region in Southeastern Ohio, Jesse moved to California in 2004. He spent three years painting and studying in Bali, Indonesia and moved back to the Bay Area in 2012. He now lives just north of San Francisco where he recharges from busy weeks in the city, making a living as a senior designer in the fashion industry.